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Obligatory minimalist desktop work area complete with iMac displaying the current webpage, coffee mug, flower and vase, phone and notepad, and artwork of Grace Hopper.


I'm Heather Tovey, the web developer behind this website.

I'm dedicated to helping web designers like you save more time, make more money, and enjoy your web design projects more.

Here, you'll find straightforward guides, code snippets, and tips covering Squarespace design and development for web designers.


My Story

I'm fascinated with how people think.

So much so that I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and worked in the field for a while. But in my free time, I passionately worked on tweaking and changing and redesigning my personal blog using HTML and CSS.

5 years after I graduated, I knew that the world of websites and code was for me.

I dove head first into learning how to code and joined the local tech community. I took workshops and happily spent many hours working on different projects.

I started small with personal websites, then transitioned to making websites for clubs and organizations. Finally, I moved into freelancing for small businesses and startups.

Now, I get to spend my time working with web designers to develop gorgeous and well-crafted websites for their clients.

And I couldn't be happier!


Quick Facts

I met my husband playing World of Warcraft. Yep! I definitely embrace my geeky ways.

I was born in Atlanta, GA and now I live in Calgary, Canada. The difference in weather was a huge adjustment (let's just say that my first proper winter involved some tears).

I teach and mentor for Canada Learning Code. I help women learn digital skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Get In Touch

I love learning and sharing knowledge about website design and development. To find out more about what I do, check out the articles I've written or learn more about my services.

You can also contact me if you have questions that aren't already answered on this website.