code snippets

Don’t be limited by default text labels in Squarespace. Use these 4 JavaScript code snippets to customize “Sold Out”, “Sale”, “Read More”, and “Newer/Older” labels.

Use these 3 CSS tweaks to customize your Squarespace website and make it more “on brand.”

You’ve designed the website and you’ve built it too! But have you added all the magical details? Add custom bullet points to your lists to give your website personality and enhance your brand.

To help you speed up your website development, here are 5 tips that I use on nearly every Squarespace website I build.

You want the website you’re designing to stand out and look and feel on brand, right? Let me show you how to add and use custom fonts on Squarespace websites in 5 steps.

Some Squarespace templates provide built-in Back-to-Top buttons, but many templates (including Brine) do not. Luckily, I have some code to help you add a back-to-top button to your website today!

You may use a cookie banner on your website, but you don’t have to use a cookie cutter version of it on your website! Here are 3 more ways to customize your Squarespace cookie banner with coding snippets.

Are you a fan of color? Do you enjoy beautiful and colorful gradient backgrounds in website designs? In this article, find out how to add a colorful gradient background to your Squarespace website.

Do you write long articles? Consider using jump links so your readers can get straight to the sections that are most relevant to them.

You know it’s important to have a Cookie Banner on your website, but the Squarespace banner isn’t very attractive. Learn how to customize your cookie banner to fit your brand with these copy and paste coding snippets.