What’s New? Tons of Announcements!

Wow! It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote a blog post. And let me tell you…a lot has happened!

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to over the last year.

From Squarespace to WordPress

That’s right. I moved from Squarespace to WordPress! It’s been an interesting journey.

I still love working with Squarespace (and a majority of my clients are on Squarespace), but I’m happy with the switch. For me, as a developer, I wanted more control over the code that runs on my website. But that doesn’t mean I would recommend it to everyone.

There are pros and cons to every platform, and I’m definitely getting used to the flaws of each platform as I work on them more and more.

With that being said…

I’m not a one-platform developer these days. I take on projects in Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, and more. If it involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I’m in!

New code shop

As part of my focus on creating more content and helping designers, I’ve opened up a code shop, So far, there’s only one plugin (for Squarespace), but I’ll be adding more soon.

If you’ve ever wished you could create a block of content that shows up at the bottom of every Squarespace blog post (like author profiles and newsletter sign-ups), then I’ve got you covered.

The Squarespace Blog Footer Plugin allows you to add footer content to any Squarespace blog post (in v7 and v7.1). Easily edit your new blog post footer in one place instead of having to go back and edit every single blog post you’ve ever created.

I’ll be adding more plugins soon! Let me know what’s on your custom code wish list and I’ll give you a small discount if I end up making the plugin.

Free resources for designers

A brightly colored web app featuring resources for designers in multiple categories including branding, inspiration, freebies, and more.

I created a resource of resources for designers (so meta)! Resources for Designers is a web app dedicated to rounding up and curating the best resources for designers. Find new resources, submit your favorites, and join the newsletter to get weekly updates!

New addition to the family

And last but certainly not least…I had a baby! That’s right. In addition to all the coding and teaching and creating I’ve been doing, I also managed to make an adorable little baby boy.

He was born August 31st and we’ve been enjoying some downtime and snuggle time.

What's new with you?

What have you been up to over the past few months? What are you proud of? What do you need help with on your website? Use the comments below to share!