Bear Numbers Bookkeeping


Lola Cline was starting a new business as a bookkeeper. During a course she took on how to run a bookkeeping business, it became clear that she would need a website to help her market her new company.

More specifically, she needed:

  1. A completely new and custom brand.
  2. A professional looking site with all of the standard pages: homepage, about page, services page, pricing page, and a blog.
  3. Newsletter sign-ups on the website.
  4. An incentive to entice visitors to join her newsletter.
Screenshots of the Bear Numbers Bookkeeping website across various devices: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop monitor.

Finding a Solution

Bear Numbers Bookkeeping didn't have a specific target audience at the very beginning. The goal was to get started with the business and then grow into a niche. I needed to create a serious brand and website that would showcase the business without exclusively being for a particular kind of client.


I created a gender-neutral nature-inspired color palette to go with the Bear Numbers name. I also designed a logo that has classic elements in it to match the Bear Numbers tone and content.

Bear Numbers Bookkeeping is a company that believes in being detail-oriented. So from afar, the trees in the logo look like plain trees. But up close, you can clearly see that the trees hold a pattern of numbers.


I decided to use the nature color palette heavily on the homepage, but chose to go a bit lighter on the secondary pages. This allows the visitor to focus on the content, but still enjoy the bear and nature images found around the site.


Full homepage of the Bear Numbers Bookkeeping website.


  • Navigation that's perfect for a Bookkeeping business. Visitors can learn more about the bookkeepers, see the services offered and at what price, can get in touch with the owners, and can learn more about bookkeeping on the blog.

  • Newsletter opt-in incentive.  I created a 15-page Bookkeeping guide to fit the content provided by Lola. Readers are encourage to sign up for the newsletter in exchange for access to a step-by-step guide to building a budget for their business.

  • Custom coding. I created a custom pricing table to better show the pricing packages Bear Numbers Bookkeeping offers.

  • Trust badges on every page. It's important that visitors recognize your qualifications and trust you to be able to do the job correctly. To help with that, I placed industry certifications on the website Footer.

Heather Tovey