Cinema Greens

Olivia Lopez of Let’s Go Studio specializes in Squarespace web design and branding.  Her client, Cinema Greens, needed a platform with a strong e-commerce component and so she partnered with me so she could utilize the Shopify platform. 

Using the Debut theme as a starter theme, I created a custom theme based on Olivia’s design. I also set up and documented a custom filtering system so Cinema Greens could have complete control of their shop filtering.


Create a one-of-a-kind theme with custom Liquid, CSS and Javascript

Implement and style a beautiful and useful product filter

Use custom code to create special Shopify sections for Cinema Greens (including carousels and masonry inspiration walls)

Use JavaScript to create a sliding Add to Cart box for the product page so that the Add to Cart box stays in view as the user scrolls down the page

Integrate and customize Request for Quote and FAQ plugins