Great Moments in History


Great Moments in History is an organization (or guild) of people who play World of Warcraft together. The guild has been around since 2008, and they play every Friday evening together.

As a part of keeping a guild playing together for so long, they have found that they need to recruit other players onto their team on a regular basis. To help with that, they decided they needed a website where potential recruits could learn about the guild and fill out an application.

Great Moments in History had the following website requirements:

  1. A professional-looking website to help them look like serious gamers.
  2. A blue-ish color palette to reflect their faction choice.
  3. An application that potential recruits could fill out.
  4. Pages for their guild guidelines and information.
  5. A way to showcase their raiding progress and recruitment needs.
Screenshots of the Great Moments in History website across various devices: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop monitor.

Finding a Solution

Color Palette

Darker color palettes are fairly common on gaming websites. This is partly due to the fact that switching from a game to a very bright website can be a bit shocking to the eyes. For that reason, I chose a very dark blue with a lighter blue accent color. Document-oriented pages use a lighter color palette for longer reading.


3 main colors are used throughout the entire website to create a cohesive and professional web design. A large hero background image is used on the homepage and can be changed to reflect the current expansion pack. This hero image is also used on inside pages but at a much smaller scale.


I created this site with Jekyll static site generator and hosted it on Github Pages. I wrote custom JavaScript to notify guild members in their Discord server whenever someone applied to the guild on their website.

The full homepage of the Great Moments in History website.


  • Recruitment section. In the first section of the homepage, Great Moments in History (GMiH) can list classes and roles they are looking to join their guild.

  • Raid progress section.  A place for the guild to list their victories (and show their talent to potential recruits).

  • Guild documentation. The website documents the guild schedule, lists the officers and different roles in the guild, and provides a standard of behavior that all their guild members must follow. Guild members can easily link to this documentation if there are ever any questions.

  • Custom designed application. The application is designed to fit in with the rest of the website. No basic form fields here.

  • Application integration with Guild Discord Server. Custom JavaScript in place to let officers (and only guild officers) know when someone has applied. The application is pushed onto a private channel so that no one outside the guild will know if one of their guild members is applying to GMiH.

Heather Tovey