Heather Tovey


Before offering Squarespace design, I worked on a variety of projects and platforms. In order to keep track of them and share my skills with others, I needed to create a portfolio.

Ideally, I needed:

  1. A home to showcase different projects I have worked on.
  2. A way for visitors to contact me or find me on social media.

  3. A place to say a little bit about me and what I did.

I also wanted free or cheap hosting to keep my overhead costs as low as possible.

Screenshots of the htovey.com website across various devices: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop monitor.

Finding a Solution

First things first, I had to figure out the cheapest way for me to get a professional-looking website online. That turned out to be Github Pages. Free hosting and a way to practice my technical skills? Yes, please.

I ended up using the Jekyll static site generator just in case I decided to write a blog.

The website is both a place to host my portfolio and also serves as a portfolio piece.

Full version of my personal developer website.


  • One-page website. A simple showcase of my portfolio.

  • Smooth scroll links.  Clicking on a link to another part of the page allows you to smoothly scroll down the page to the correct section.

  • Diagonal section dividers. A fun way to showcase a bit of the CSS that I can do.

  • Portfolio project descriptions. Quick descriptions to give visitors an idea of the type of projects I was creating.

  • Bold contact me button. Many curious visitors often wanted to learn more about my weather app in particular. Having an obvious contact me section allowed them to get in touch with me quickly.

Heather Tovey