PayLab Networks


PayLab Networks was a new startup looking for a brochure-style website. They had a brand and a simple color palette, but needed a website built around their basic brand. They had previously been linking interested parties to a single non-interactive image about their company, but that wasn't professional enough for serious investors.

Their main website goals were to:

  • look professional, serious, and trust-worthy
  • have a dedicated place potential investors could go to learn more about the company
  • have a way for potential investors to contact the company
Screenshots of the PayLab Networks website across various devices: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop monitor.

Finding a Solution

The name of the game with a new startup is speed. Building a usable (and professional) website quickly was important so investors could learn more about the company at trade shows and after networking.

Originally, PayLab had wanted a WordPress website, but after realizing that they didn't need the ability to blog and had technical people on hand, I encouraged them to go with a static site.

Static sites are written from scratch (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and are simple, fast, and cheap if you have the technical know-how.

This particular solution involved using a one-page website to get all information out in front of potential investors right away.

Full page screenshot of the PayLab Networks website.


  • Mockup of their product. It was important to immediately show what investors might be investing in.

  • A bit of CSS Animation magic. Text zooms in from the sides as you scroll down. A small addition that made the website look more put together and technical.

  • Breakdown of their product. You only have a short period of time to explain your product and how it benefits customers. This website was made to break down that info in easy-to-digest bites for non-technical visitors.

  • Contact form.  An easy-to-use contact form is found at the bottom of the page. Once visitors read a bit about the product, they can then contact the owner for more information.

Heather Tovey