Recent Work

I work with a variety of WordPress and Squarespace designers to help them bring their designs to life. Many times, this means using CSS and JavaScript to add the important details. Here is just a sampling of my latest work.

Asset Education

  • Gradient overlay on banner images
  • Customized carousel including adding larger buttons and slide indicators
  • Created gradient buttons

Spirits and Provisions

  • Added a custom chalkboard background
  • Fixed the contact form colors for when the input is focused vs not focused.


  • Added support for French and English languages throughout website, including buttons, pop-ups, navigation, etc.
  • Used JavaScript to change product links so they'd link back to original index page rather than the product page.

Dash Run Studio

  • Created side-by-side index pages. One side of the index page is an image and the other side is text.
  • Wrote custom code for mobile to rearrange the index pages so that they stack in the right order
  • Customized the the 3rd-party Fitmetrix class schedule and purchase pages to fit with the branding

Hemp Dog

  • Created an overlapping logo in the header that works on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Brandon Hall School

  • Wrote custom JavaScript to take hidden descriptions and present them over the grid gallery image along with the heading.


  • Centered and turned all summary block grid images into hexagons with a white border so that the client didn't have to worry about editing photos to fit the design

Asset Education

  • Displayed h1 headings in different locations on mobile vs desktop. Over image on desktop. Under image on mobile.