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Known Issue (as of January 20, 2021): Squarespace ID Finder currently cannot copy ids while in the Design Tab (for instance, Custom CSS). Squarespace has updated their code so that nothing can be clicked on the web page while in the Design Tab, including the collection, section, index, and block ids. I’m currently trying to create a workaround for this. In the meantime, I would recommend opening the page up in another tab so you can more easily copy/paste ids from one tab into the Custom CSS panel.

I'm here to help.

Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you expected them to. When that happens, you can submit a ticket to get the help you need.

Yes! All plugins come with a developer license. You may use the purchased plugin in as many websites as you like.

You may use the purchased plugin in your products. For example: premium Squarespace templates and themes/templates for other platforms.

Customers and users of your products do not need to purchase their own license if they are not developing their own commercial products with the purchased plugin.

If you’ve followed all the instructions and the item you purchased still isn’t working, I will definitely troubleshoot the issue you’re having and get it fixed for you.

I do not offer support for styling the plugin. I try to provide some customization options in my plugins and in the articles you’ll find on this site. If you find that you need custom CSS or want to tweak how the plugin works, check out my custom development services.

Due to the nature of providing digital items, I cannot accept returns. However, you can open a support ticket if the item you purchased doesn’t work for you. If the item doesn’t work due to my error, I will try to fix it or offer a refund. Refunds are not guaranteed.

No problem! Just send me an email at and I’ll send you a copy. Please provide the same name that you provided when you purchased the item. Any other details you can provide will help me to authenticate your purchase and get a copy of your item to you as quickly as possible.

Open a Support Ticket

If you’re having a problem with a product purchased through this website, please open a support ticket. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Please provide as many details as possible.
If you can provide a link so that I can see the misbehaving product, that will speed things up!