You’re a team player and a collaborator and you believe in the saying “A rising tide lifts all ships.” You value working with others and use every group project to learn from your peers.

You know your strengths and weaknesses and you particularly appreciate working with experts who have different and complimentary skill sets.

How to Level Up

To give your clients the best possible experience, consider meeting other experts through:

  • joining small designer-focused Facebook groups
  • attending local meetups and getting to know the local designer community
  • making a list of your strengths and weakness and getting to know experts that have complimentary skill sets

Reaching out to other experts for a collaboration is a great way to expand your offerings. Think about:

  • who you want to partner with
  • what skills you can offer them
  • a specific project to collaborate on

Other professionals will be happy to hear from you as long as you are clear and concise and can demonstrate what you can do for them.

Next Steps

If you’re looking for a partner with Squarespace development and coding skills, check out my offerings.