You are…The Delegator!

You know what you’re good at and what tasks you don’t care for. For example, you’re good at design, planning, and assigning the right tasks to the right people.

You want to spend more time on design and increase the efficiency of your business. And you hate getting stuck googling things that seem like they should be easier than they are.

How to Level Up

Take some time to think about your business and what you love about it.

  1. What are your favorite tasks?
  2. What are your least favorite tasks?
  3. What would you have more time for if you could get rid of your least favorite tasks?

Once you’ve made your list, consider the type of experts that can do the tasks you dislike. Would you benefit from a virtual assistant, a developer, or a copywriter?

Find someone you trust to do the job and assign tasks to them. Make more time for the things you love to do!

Next Steps

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